Astrology Helps You to Identify With Your True Wise Self

Life starts with family — Föhrenwald Displaced Persons Camp, Allied Sector, West Germany, summer, 1948.

Kabbalah teaches that God is sending us, Jew and non-Jew alike, back and forth from this world, in Hebrew, Olam ha’Zeh,  to the world to come, Olam ha’Bah — a back-and-forth process called Gilgul ha’Neshamot — revolving of the souls — ‘reincarnation’ in English.  We come again and again to perfect ourselves in order to perfect Olam ha’Zeh, so that our earth, our planet can once again be a Garden of Eden, identified and unified with Olam ha’Bah.  This process is not amenable to scientific observation or experiment — it is metaphysical or, if you like, astrological.

Knowledge of my horoscope combined with faith and wisdom, reminds me that I did not choose to be born, rather God decided that I be born when and where and to whom.  This reminder, this knowledge and wisdom, is the first great benefit of astrology: to sort out the circumstances of birth and early life experience, and thereby to understand something about what God wants for me, for my soul to live a life, down here on earth.

Life starts with family—the photo shows me on my father’s shoulder.  Astrological insight cannot come simply by understanding your personal horoscope; it must be understood in the context of the synastry, i.e., interaction with the planetary placements of horoscopes of parents and other persons and events important to early childhood development.

Although at times this world is shaken by famine and epidemics, economic and political turmoil, and weather catastrophes, these events must be understood, speaking astrologically, as global corrections whose purpose is to navigate away from the status quo of this world, Olam ha’Zeh, and steer the world towards Olam ha’Bah.  The same can be said to apply to personal difficulties and hardships in an individual life — there is a light in its midst that shows a better way.

Familiarity with the principles and concepts of astrology can be a guide for self-understanding and self-improvement, i.e., spiritual and emotional development towards Olam ha’Bah, to seek a better way and thus fulfill God’s purpose for us to repair the world, Tikkun ha’Olam.