I am a Certified Astrologer.  I started out on the course of study leading to certification because I wanted to have a track-to-run-on to keep me honest about studying astrology and to help me overcome the pitfalls of procrastination and lack of direction.  I am grateful to the encouragement and help I received along the way from the people who run the show at the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR).  Thank you.

How did I become an astrologer?  It was a sunny spring day in 1992. That morning, while strolling down Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, I stopped at a newsstand and leisurely opened a copy of Dell Horoscope Magazine.  Little did I imagine what I would be doing in the near future: pencil in hand, writing down planetary positions and calculating house cusps to create horoscopes.  By 1995, this task was taken over by an Apple Macintosh personal computer and astrology software. How I got interested in astrology is itself an example of how a chance event or a coincidence coincides with new beginnings.  When I looked at my charts for those Los Angeles days, I found that the progressed Sun or current focus of personality development had just entered Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, a symbol of renewal and new beginnings in life.