In all of My sacred mountain, neither evil nor injustice shall be done; For the land shall be filled with knowledge of the LORD as water covers the sea. — Book of Isaiah, 11:9

In our 21st Century, we are experiencing a collective spiritual advancement which occurs in greater and greater measure as each individual human being becomes more and more acquainted with the ‘knowledge of the Lord’. This spiritual knowledge helps us see ourselves and others in a spiritual light. The social consequence of this ‘seeing’ is acceptance of other peoples as being like us, as friends. This acceptance of other peoples ushers in ‘The Age of Aquarius’; in Jewish Kabbalistic Astrology the keyword for Aquarius is, in Hebrew, “ohev’ meaning ‘friend’. (and love is ‘ahava‘).

Levi Krakovsky, author of Kabbalah, the Light of Redemption, wrote: “Kabbalah confirms that the Heavenly Light, when drawn from its supreme source, is the only substance which will unite the world into one loving, harmonious, eternal brotherhood.” — The Omnipotent Light Revealed – Wisdom of the Kabbalah, p. 47

Spiritual intelligence is the ability to see, understand and resolve spiritual problems and challenges with the help of God. To keep spiritual intelligence active is to act in ways that please God — no evil or injustice towards others. Pleasing God, brings one close to God — where evil and injustice cannot enter. Spiritual intelligence cannot be measured by taking a test — rather one’s soul is tested by God in many and diverse ways through which the soul is given opportunities for spiritual advancement; thus, the soul ultimately resembles and therefore is one with God.

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