Astrology (as science, art, philosophy, or perhaps as a future religion) does not subscribe to any belief in the word “coincidence.”  It says that there are truly remarkable things in the universe, and as a result of this there are awe-inspiring occurrences in our lives.
— Celestial Harmony by Martin Schulman

As a Jew — and as an astrologer — I belief that there are no coincidences.  A coincidence is, astrologically speaking, a fact — the moment of any event, its time and place, coincides with the position of the planets at that very moment — and a meaning and significance is assigned to that ‘coincidence’.   

Astrological facts are symbolically displayed on a horoscope or birth chart.  Some of these facts are observed only after an analysis of their implications.  For example, a birth chart with Sun at 20 degrees Aries has one meaning for an individual age 10 and another for an individual age 50 — in first instance, the progressed Sun is entering Taurus, while in the second it is entering Gemini.  An astrologer’s practiced eye sees these deeper levels of meaning of these identical astrological facts.

Life-experience — significant biographical change — is reflected by the planetary transits and cycles that are implied in the planetary positions of a horoscope.  These astrological facts give a needed perspective: seeing life from above, from a panoramic point-of-view.   This perspective sees truly remarkable things in the universe  and one can understand and participate in awe-inspiring occurrences — these occurrences are not coincidences.


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