Are you interested in learning Hebrew? 

I help students learn Hebrew via online classes.   We work through one lesson after another to gain a basic familiarity with the fundamentals of Hebrew.  Enjoy learning Hebrew online in the comfort of home or office.  For details about tuition, course goals, texts and materials, click here.

To get a taste of Hebrew, study the mini-lesson below.  All Hebrew words are just like this, only different letters and different vowels in different combinations.

David is spelled דָ (Da) then וִ (Vee) then ד  (’D ‘ sound) — דָוִד 

Rachel is spelled רָ (Ra); then חֵ (hei) then ל  (L‘ sound) — רָחֵל

Sarah is spelled שָׂ  (Sa) then רָ (Ra) then ה  (silent, no sound) שָׂרָה

Shalom u’vra’ha                        שלום וברכה                          Peace and Blessing