Greta Thunberg – Climate Change Activist

 Greta Thunberg — “Climate Strike” Activist

When analyzing a birth chart, an important question to ask is how is this chart different than any other chart?  In Greta Thunberg’s astrological chart what do we see? We have only the sunrise chart — yet this sunrise chart reveals that a new Venus-Mars cycle began just as Greta was born.

The Venus-Mars cycle signifies, as do all planetary cycles, a renewal of psychic and spiritual energy symbolized by the planets– a Venus-Mars conjunction signifies the renewal of values (Venus) and the associated action (Mars) that is needed for these values to be realized.

In lieu of an exact birth time, here is is Greta Thunberg’s  birth chart for sunrise time on her birth day. Notice Venus-Mars conjunction in the 9th house of the ‘higher mind’, philosophy, religion, higher learning, and travel – and we know she has a long voyage by yacht in her future — her famous transatlantic sail to New York City.

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