Astrology of a Pandemic

A conjunction of planets Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars has an astrological meaning that is important for understanding/making sense of current global trends, including the Covid-19 virus pandemic. It is not that astrology could predict that a pandemic would happen — though retrospectively, astrological similarities between the current pandemic and that of 1918-1920 may be identified.

The strong response by the world’s governments to stop the virus pandemic can be pinned to the Pluto-Saturn conjunction, a blending of Pluto’s — speaking astrologically – power to transform, control, and bring on transformative crises through ordeals that deconstruct and then reconstruct an individual’s or a nation’s psyche; this is blended — a conjunction blends the energies of the conjoined planets — with Saturn’s power to work, regulate, and endure for the purpose of guiding or structuring the society and each individual member’s role in it.

To put it in an astrological context, the current pandemic is a Pluto-ordeal that has stirred up the collective psyche of humanity and that is joined with a Saturn-law and order response to deal with that ordeal. Jupiter’s power is to expand everything, be it wealth or body weight — astrologically speaking in this context — it symbolizes the rapid expansion of the spread of the virus. Mars, joining the above conjunction of planets, adds a spark of initiative which can be tied to the general wake-up reaction that is sweeping the globe to fight the spread of the pandemic.