Nisan or Aries – The keyword is ‘Life’

Each lunar month in the Jewish calendar is associated with a sign of the zodiac: Aries is assigned to Nisan and has the keyword, in Hebrew, chaim or life;  Life is a fitting keyword for Nisan, the sign of spring, the season of renewal and new life.

Another interesting fact is that the word for ‘Nisan’ in Hebrew ‘ניסן’ has two letters that spell ‘נס’ the word for miracle — a hidden reminder that the miracle of Passover and the parting of the sea in the story in the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Exodus occurred in this month.

And the Lamb (or Ram), the zodiacal sign that represents Aries is also a reminder that the Jews were oppressed and enslaved to another people, who esteemed statues of stone as if they were endowed with life; they attributed the utmost importance to the idols, the statues and paintings depicting their ram-headed god.   The image of the Ram was transformed by the Jews into a symbol for Nisan, the month in which Passover is celebrated, the festival that memorializes the exodus from Egypt and release from spiritual, mental, and physical enslavement.

Adar or Pisces — ‘Enemy’ is a keyword?

Born on Adar 19, 5639 ( March 14, 1879)

Each lunar month in the Hebrew calendar is associated with a sign of the zodiac.   Adar is Pisces, the Fish.  The keyword for Adar or Pisces is oyev or enemy.  Moshe (Moses) was born on Adar 7.  He overcame the forces of Amalek, the enemy of the Jewish people, who sought to destroy the whole Israelite nation.

At first glance, it is not at all apparent why the last sign of the zodiac be associated with a word that denotes hostility and hate — however, this is not to be taken as a negative trait of the sign, but refers to its innate strength to overcome and defeat its enemy and then to dispel animosity through joy and happiness.   All these qualities associated with Adar are expressed in the story of Purim, celebrated on Adar 15, that recalls the miraculous victory over Haman, the arch-enemy of the Jews, by Esther and Mordechai.