I live in Arlington, Massachusetts with my life-partner, Laura.


I was born Moshe Zev ben Aryeh Lev Hoch in the year 5708 (1948) to Leon and Klara (nee Silberman) Hoch, in a hospital located at 31 Phoenixstrasse, Wetlzar, Germany.  We, a Polish Jewish refugee family in the American zone of Allied-occupied West Germany, were housed in the Föehrenwald Displaced Persons (DP) camp located in that area.  In 1951, aided by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), my parents moved and started a new life in Minnesota.  I started to go to school and my pre-kindergarten teacher, on the first day, asked me if I wanted to be called ‘Moses’ or ‘Morris’.  This early experience at the tender age of 4 years old may be the root cause of my interest in those kabbalah texts that explain the importance of the divine names mentioned in the Torah.

I learned to read and write Hebrew as a child, beginning at age six, at a local Hebrew school in St. Paul, Minnesota, The Saint Paul Hebrew Institute.  It was located directed across the street from my public school, Lafayette Elementary.  At the end of my public-school day, I’d cross the street and start my Hebrew school classes. This was my daily schedule, public school followed by Hebrew school, until my junior year in high school.  I attended Highland Park Senior High School and graduated fourth in a class of 250 students.  I won a full-scholarship – $5000 was then a full-scholarship – and attended the University of Minnesota.

I graduated with a degree in ‘Philosophy’ and minor in ‘English’ from the University of Minnesota.  Some years later, I attended the Diaspora Yeshiva in Jerusalem, Israel; ‘Philosophy and English’ transformed into ‘Talmud’ and ‘Hebrew’. I lived and studied in Jerusalem, Israel and worked as a ‘gabai tzdokah’, roughly translated as ‘charity collector’.  Always philosophical about life, my collecting funds to support Torah scholars appealed to me as an act of ‘mezakeh ha’rabim’ or helping the public to acquire ‘zechut’, merit — and, according to tradition — I also shared in the spiritual reward of the Torah study of those scholars who were assisted by the collections.  I placed pushkes, charity boxes, in homes in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, and Haifa.  When doors opened, I was greeted by smiles and even invited in for tea.  Once a child opened the door and declared: ‘Momi, a mensch!’

I experienced the first Gulf War, 1990-1991.  At night, the sirens suddenly went off, warning everyone to stop everything and return their home shelters, as the SCUD missiles launched from Iraq sped on to their targets in Tel-Aviv.

I returned to the United States, to Los Angeles, and then a few years later moved to Boston.  Back in the USA, I began to study and translate texts about ‘Kabbalah’ and ‘Kabbalistic Astrology’.  In Boston, I’ve worked as a Hebrew teacher and as an astrologer.

As a Hebrew teacher, I taught `Biblical Hebrew for Beginners’ at community education centers in Lexington and Brookline, Massachusetts and today, I give lessons in Hebrew online.

As a student of astrology, I completed a course of study offered by the NCGR-Professional Astrologers Alliance and became a certified Professional Research Astrologer.  I offer certified astrology services as a help to others to journey on a spiritual path based on astrological themes and principles.