The Balances – Libra – Mazal Moznaim

     Inner ear and balance. Loop-shaped canals in your inner ear contain fluid and fine, hairlike sensors that help you keep your balance.  —

What is the connection between ear, balance, and Libra?

In astrology every sign of the zodiac has its symbol — Taurus, the Bull, Leo, the Lion — Libra’s symbol is the Balances and symbolizes the ideal of equality between partners.  Libra, in traditional astrology, signifies relationships in which each person is an equal partner in the relationship.

While Jewish Astrology shares this iconic symbol for Libra, its has other meanings associated with it because Libra is associated with the Jewish lunar month of Tishrei, the seventh month.  Jewish tradition celebrates the first day of the seventh month as Rosh Hashanah, the New Year.   This first day is also called the ‘Day of Judgment’ because the world and all its inhabitants are judged by God – the righteous and just deeds in one balance of the scale and the evil and unjust deeds on the other.  So here in Jewish Astrology we have also another profound significance attached to the iconic symbol of the Balances, the Scales of Justice.  And even the name of the sign in Hebrew, Moznaim, from the verb ‘ee-zeyn’ אזן  – to balance – has the same letters as the noun, ‘o-zen’ אזן‘ear’.   Add to this that, according to Jewish tradition, New Year’s day has one primary act to perform and that act is to hear the sound of the Shofar!