Moris Hoch, C. A., NCGR-PAA
Moris Hoch

Welcome to the Wise Astrologer.  My name is Moris Hoch and I’m an (advanced) student of astrology and kabbalah, as well as a translator of Hebrew rabbinical texts into U. S. English.   As a former Hebrew teacher, I know a few ‘gematriot’, or number-equivalents of Hebrew words.   Wine or ‘yayin‘ (יין = 70)is the equivalent to ‘soeud‘(סוד = 70), secret.   Soeud, in turn, is associated with the Kabbalah level of Torah interpretation.  Drink and enjoy!

Did you know that kabbalah texts are replete with astrological content that discuss each month of the Jewish lunar calendar and the corresponding sign of the zodiac that is linked to it?

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